travel mistakes to dodge

5 travel mistakes that you should always avoid

There are a lot of things that can turn your fun trip into a dud. Here, we share with you five travel mistakes that you should never make.

After planning and saving money for so long, we get to go on a trip. Those fun times not only give us a chance to relax but also reconnect with our loved ones.

However, certain times, you are not as happy during your vacations as you thought you would be. Ever wondered why is that? It happens because you make small mistakes like forgetting to pack your lounge wear or not making advance bookings for the amusement park you always wanted to visit.

These mistakes can be big mood crushers. But not any more. Listed below are five travel mistakes that you should always dodge.

Packing too much or too little

Travel mistakes to avoid
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Packing for a vacay is not only hectic but also very time consuming. One often gets confused as to what to pack and what to leave behind. The trick here is, you need to take along all the essentials but not keep anything extra. If you need more tips on how to pack right, then you should click here.

Not making your bookings in advance

It gets very disappointing when you find out that the hotels are full and you have no place to go with your luggage. This is why, it is always important to make all your bookings in advance. From flight tickets to hotel bookings to even the entry tickets that you would need while doing the touristy things, always make a plan before hand.

Not carrying enough cash

Travel mistakes to avoid
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You may think that you have multiple cards and digital cash, so you don’t need to carry hard cash on your trip. Well, this is one of the biggest travel mistakes that you can make. Always, always, always carry cash with you. If you are going to a different country, then you should also get some currency exchanged.

Stepping out without proper protective gears

We all know how things have changed over the past few months. Now, one cannot go out without a face mask and a sanitiser. And, carrying these protective gears along with you on your trips has also become a necessity. In fact, you should always carry extra protective gears with you. You can also read our dos and don’t of travelling during the pandemic here.

Not researching about the destination before hand

Travel mistakes to avoid
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There are lot of times that you visit an unknown destination for the first time. While it may be your first visit to the place physically, you can always take virtual trips before hand. It is very important to research about your vacay destination.


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