Things to keep in mind during hotel stay

5 things to keep in mind during hotel stay

There are some etiquettes that one must follow during their hotel stay. Here, we share with you a few things that you should always remember before checking in.

Think about it, what’s the best part of going on a relax-cation. It’s the hotel stay. Getting yourself a cosy room with amazing room service and lots of sleep. We all love staying at hotels.

But have you ever thought how do you actually stay at that hotel room and how do you leave it? Have you ever thought what the hotel staff must be thinking about you once you check out?

While staying at a hotel means to unwind yourself completely, however, there are some etiquettes that one must remember before checking in.

Here are five things that you should keep in mind during a hotel stay:

Things to keep in mind during hotel stay
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It’s your second home

The most important thing is that you should adapt to the place. You should prepare yourself that you will be staying in a place for a long time, so, it is vital that you think as if it is your home. If you don’t do that, you may notice that you are unable to sleep properly.

Keep it clean

Even though you have the hotel staff to come and clean the room any time you want, you should make a conscious effort to keep the room clean yourself. Do not litter unnecessarily and put the garbage only in the dustbin. You will realise that doing this will fill you with positivity.

Get things that make you comfy

In order to be comfortable at the hotel, you can carry something that reminds you of your home. It can be your favourite blanket or a toy or even scented candle. You can carry a few things that will not occupy too much space but will help you in getting comfortable.

Never take away anything

You must have heard anecdotes from people about how they got towels or sheets from the hotels. You should never do that. Always think that someone else will come and stay in the very same room after you and you would not want to hamper their stay. You can use the amenities and goodies provided by the hotel as much as you like, but taking away their property is a big no-no.

Things to keep in mind during hotel stay
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Leave it at it’s best

You are not going to stay at a hotel just once and you are not the only person who will be staying in that room. So, make sure that you don’t do any damage in any away. If you are with your kids, make sure that they don’t write on the walls or you don’t wipe off anything on the curtains. Such things cannot be replaced again and again. How would you feel if you book a hotel room only to find dirty walls and torn curtains? It’s something we all should care about.


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