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5 things solo backpackers should keep in mind

Hey there, traveller, going solo for the first time? These five tips will prove useful for your trip. All solo backpackers should bookmark them.

Who doesn’t love to take a break from their busy work schedule and travel to new places to explore the unknown? We, for one, are suckers for adventure, and all of us would agree that nothing compares to the thrill of a solo trip. 

While everyone loves to stay in five-star hotels and enjoy chauffeur-driven rides, it’s not always we can afford them. And when we are on a tight budget, backpacking always comes to our rescue. 

So, if you are a solo traveller on a budget, you should think to go down the backpacking route. And, when you do, these tips will help you plan the trip. 

Important tips for solo backpackers 

Know the place

To plan any trip, you need to first decide the destination. While when you are travelling with your family and friends, you can get to know the place after you reach there, the most important thing, when it comes to backpacking, is planning ahead. You’ll have to take many virtual tours of the place before you actually go there. Imagine how bad it would be to get lost in an unknown destination. 

All essentials in a bag

Because you are going low on the budget, you would have to suffice with an average hotel, which might not have a lot of facilities. So, you’ll need to take all the things you might need, from bed covers to extension cord, along with you. 

Make a list

Going solo is uber cool but because of this, you won’t have your parents or your partner to remind you if you have your tickets in place or if you have kept enough pairs of socks. You’ll have to do it all by yourself. So, before you start packing, sit back and make a list of all the things that you’ll need to take along. 

Go local

Though it is important to thoroughly know the destination you are heading to, you should also prepare yourself for some adventure, to take the road less taken. No one can tell you about a place more than the locals, so, interact with them and make friends. 

Heavy on technology

Going to a place where there might be a language barrier and the ways will definitely be unknown, it is a bit risky. In a situation like this, you should definitely depend on technology. Apart from the phone’s GPS, you should also get an old school compass. If you love taking photographs, you can also carry a DSLR or a Polaroid camera. Keeping a power bank is of utmost importance.


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