Must-try cake recipes

5 super-easy cake recipes that you ought to try

Craving for something delish? Here, we share with you our favourite cake recipes that you must try. These are super simple to make and a must-read for all bakers.

Dark Chocolate Cake

We have the perfect recipe for an eggless chocolate cake. All you need to do is melt dark chocolate and butter together and then mix them with condensed milk. Whisk in the dry ingredients with some milk and bake the cake in an oven. The best part is that you can decorate the cake whichever way you want. Read full recipe here.

Easy-to-make dark chocolate cake

New York Cheesecake

Now, this cake may take hours to set, but if you have patience, this is going to be your best bake. Start with making a crumbly base using digestive biscuits. Then mix together cream cheese, sugar, sour cream and fresh cream. Put in eggs, cornflour, vanilla essence and lemon juice. When the batter is ready, bake the cheesecake and put it in the refrigerator to set. Detailed recipe here.

Brownie Cake

A single slice of brownie is never enough. To make the brownie cake, melt chocolate and butter together. While that happens, in another bowl, mix white and brown sugar with eggs. Put in the chocolate and butter mix along with the dry ingredients. Fold the ingredients together to make the batter and put it in the oven. Click here to read the full recipe.

Sponge Cake

Who doesn’t like vanilla sponge cake? Start with whisking butter along with condensed milk. Add vanilla essence and alternate the dry ingredients with cold milk. Once the batter is ready, put it in a baking tray and bake it for 20-25 minutes. Check out the detailed recipe here.

Protein Cake

This is a perfect recipe for all fitness enthusiasts. For this cake as well, you need to start by mixing melted butter and dark chocolate. Now, add a bit of condensed milk or sugar. To this, add the chocolate-flavoured Whey protein along with powdered oats and baking powder. Next up, add vanilla essence and cinnamon powder, whisk together all ingredients by putting in milk. Bake it in an oven or a microwave. Read full recipe on this link.


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