Style mistakes to dodge

5 style mistakes you should always avoid

Worried that instead of making a style statement, your sartorial pick may get tagged as a faux pas? Here, we share with you five style mistakes that you should never make.

Getting ready is not just putting on layers of clothes, it’s an art not many are proficient at. Building a look is no cakewalk and those who take it as a therapy would know how relaxing it can be. But if you are a fashion enthusiast, then you would also know how easily a look can go wrong.

There are several things that can easily go wrong, making a look go from ‘wow’ to ‘damn no’. In order for you to avoid the same, we share with you five style mistakes that you should always dodge.

Too much neon is a big no-no

Neon has been in the trend for the longest time. But acing this colour palette is not easy. Make sure that only one item in your look is neon. It can either be your top or lowers or shoes. You can even pair an all-white outfit with a neon bum bag. But never go all out with this colour.

Only one statement jewellery

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that you should only have one eye-catcher in your look. It can either be the earrings or the necklace or the belt. Having too much accessories can make the look go wrong.

Style mistakes to dodge
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Don’t go too basic

While going all out with colours should be avoided, going too basic is also a mistake that you should never do. Basic is boring but that can be easily change that with a bit of colour pop. It can be a pink eye shadow with an all-black outfit or an oversized tan bag with a white dress.

Avoid cakey makeup

The way you do your makeup can make or break the look. And doing cakey base is one of the biggest style mistakes. Remember your base should always be as light and as natural as it can be. Balancing the makeup is also very important. If you are going for bold eyes, then you should always opt for nude lips and vice-a-versa.

Style mistakes to dodge
Credit: Pexels

Wrong footwear can spoil the look

Many may not agree to it but footwear makes a lot of difference. Picking the right one is very important. Imagine the horror of teaming a kurta-palazzo set with boots or sneakers. That’s nothing less than a disaster.


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