Must-visit places for dessert lovers

5 must-visit places around the world for dessert lovers

If you are a true foodie at heart who just loves desserts, then we share with you five must-visit places around the world that have the most delicious and decadent sugary delights.

For a dessert lover, the mornings start with the thought of a crispy waffle and mint chocolate ice cream. The day dreaming is all about a decadent chocolate cake and the final thoughts before going to bed are of a bonoffee pie.

The desserts in your mind might be different, but you get the point, right? If you are someone who loves desserts as much as we do, then you would love reading about five must-visit places and their most delicious treats.

Cheesecake in Beverly Hills, California

The tastiest cheesecake around the world has to be from The Cheesecake Factory. And, what better place to have this delicious dessert at than in Beverly Hills? Recently, we also tried making cheesecake at home. You can watch a video of the same below:

macaroons at Pierre Hermé, Paris

They are round little sugary devils that are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. They are known to melt in the mouth. We are talking about the decadent macaroons. And, who makes them better than celebrated pastry chef, Pierre Hermé. Imagine eating these sugary deliciousness while enjoying the view in Paris.

Must-visit places for dessert lovers
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Gulab jamun in Indore

While one gets to eat many tasty treats around India, Indore is a sheer bliss for foodies. Here, in Sarafa bazaar, one gets to eat a variety tasty desserts, gulab jamun being one of them. You can never stop at just one.

Sticky toffee pudding at The Abingdon, London

A moist sponge cake covered with a sticky toffee sauce with a side of vanilla ice cream or custard makes for England’s one of most popular desserts. Many food critics suggest that one should never miss a chance of eating sticky toffee pudding at The Abingdon.

Mango sticky rice in Bangkok

Whoever thought rice would be make for an amazing dessert was a genius. Mango sticky rice is one of the most iconic Thai dessert and can be easily found across Thailand. However, Kor Panich in Bangkok is one of the best places to eat this dessert.

We have also tried making many yummy desserts recently. You can scroll through our eat section to read the recipes.

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