Honeymoon travel mistakes to avoid

5 travel mistakes all honeymooners should avoid

For a newlywed couple, honeymoon is the most memorable vacation they will ever go on. Here are five honeymoon travel mistakes that you should always dodge.

That feeling to know that you have found ‘the one’ is truly special and getting to spend your life with them is even more. As soon as a couple decides to get married, the planning for the honeymoon starts. It is the first vacation a couple takes after their wedding.

If you are set to go on your honeymoon and are a bit nervous about it, then we have something that will interest you. Here, we share with you five travel mistakes that you should never make while honeymooning.

Don’t be too clingy in public

While you may feel that everything around you is just about love, others who see you and your partner may not feel the same. So, it is always better that you put hold on the PDA in public. We all have dished at people who were too clingy in public sometime or the other, haven’t we?

Honeymoon travel mistakes to avoid
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Don’t think of it as a solo trip

Being overly romantic in public should be avoided but this doesn’t mean that you should think of your honeymoon as a solo trip or a trip with your friend. This trip will lay the foundation of your relationship as a married couple, so make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make it special.

Don’t ignore your partner’s interest

If you are planning the activities and making the bookings for the honeymoon, then make sure that you put in the things that your partner likes to do. For this, you can meet up with them prior and decide what all should be there on your travel itinerary.

Don’t miss out on a chance to surprise bae

Who doesn’t love surprises? While on honeymoon, look for chances to surprise your husband/wife. It doesn’t have to be a big one, a small gestures, too, can make them very happy.

Honeymoon travel mistakes to avoid
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Don’t forget to break the ice on your honeymoon

If you found your special someone through the arranged marriage setup, then there might be awkwardness between you and your partner. The honeymoon is the perfect chance to break the ice and start a happy life together.


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  1. Great post! I will keep it in mind if I ever get married. I am, however, planning on going on a trip with my boyfriend soon, I guess that could be some sort of “rehearsal” haha. What would you say is too clingy? Me and my partner usually hold hands and we may hug from time to time… cheek kisses as well, and maybe a tiny peck on the lips (but no makeout sessions).

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