Eating habits for weight loss

5 eating habits that will help you lose weight

Need to shed those extra kilos? Here we have listed five eating habits that will help you with weight loss.

Call it the social media influence or our family members constantly asking if we have put on weight, we have become conscious about our lifestyle. We have been trying to cut back on fried food and have been making a conscious choice to eat healthy. 

It is very important to monitor what we are putting in our tummy. Having a cheat meal once in 15 days works, but we can’t binge on fries everyday. Thanks to the hundreds of food videos on different social media platforms, we have learnt the trick to balance health and taste. 

Exercising is also very important and one should do some kind of workout thrice a week. How we lead our life also impacts our health, which is why one should monitor their lifestyle and should bring changes for the betterment of their health. 

Just like us, you, too, must have set weight goals and we are sure, you must be working hard to achieve those. To help you shed those extra kilos, we have listed five eating habits that you should inculcate in your everyday life. 

Habits for weight loss
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Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water

Drinking lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach has a lot of benefits. It helps your body flush out toxins and helps your digestive system function properly. It also increases the metabolism, making weight loss easier. You can also squeeze half a lemon in the water and make it your morning drink.

Control your carbs for weight loss

When you cut back on the carbs, your body starts burning the fat for energy instead of the carbs. Not just that, this will also help lower your insulin level. Going low on carbs will help you shed the unnecessary water weight. 

Habits for weight loss
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Don’t skip a meal  

If you think cutting on meals can help you lose weight, then you are wrong. You should never skip a meal, we repeat, NEVER skip a meal. Not only you should have three proper meals, but you can also add an additional fourth meal if you feel hungry in the evening. Starving yourself will do no good. 

Don’t Eat anything after 7 pm 

It is always beneficial to have early dinner. This gives your body time to breakdown the food by the time you go to sleep. Apart from helping you lose weight, this will also help you sleep better. Eating an early dinner is also good for your heart. 

Say no to midnight snacks

We all love midnight treats, yes we do, but eating in the middle of the night is the worst thing you can do to your body. When you eat late in the night, your body’s system has slowed down and it is unable to break the food down, which leads to weight gain. It also increases your blood sugar levels and the risk of heart diseases. 

Habits for weight loss
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Disclaimer: Suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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