Eyeshadow trends to follow this season

5 celeb-inspired eyeshadow trends you ought to follow

Looking for some new eyeshadow trends? Here, we have listed our favourite celeb-inspired eyeshadow trends that you should follow this season.

For those who take dressing up more like a therapy and less like a daily task, would know that no look is complete without makeup. A bit of sparkle over the eyes and a dash of colour on the lips can change the entire ensemble. 

Thanks to social media and the ever expanding beauty industry, we get to see new makeup trends every now and then. From holographic eyes to ombré lips, everyone has been experimenting with makeup and there is no limit to how much one can do with just a few colours. 

Talking about glamming up, we invest a lot of time getting our eyeshadow right. Even our beloved celebrities love experimenting with eyeshadows. So, next time when you play dress up, take inspiration from these celebs to do your eyes. 

Here are our favourite eyeshadow trends that you should follow this season. 

The good old gold 

To recreate Gigi Hadid’s elegant look, you’ll need to mix a pinch of gold eyeshadow with clear glossy eyeshadow. You can also add a bit of brown on the outer crease of your eye. 

The power of pink 

If you want to try bold colours, then you should recreate this look. You can balance the boldness of pink by mixing it with a bit of black on the corner. Just like Priyanka Chopra, you can rock this look with a black and white outfit. 

Wing it right 

An on-fleek winged eyeliner can never go out of trend. To make the perfect wing, first make a triangle on the outer crease of the eye, followed by making a line inwards. Once you have the outline, fill in with the liner. With minimum effort, you can easily rock a perfect wing like Selena Gomez. If you want to be extra, then you can put a little bit of black eyeshadow to give it that wow factor. 

Colour and kohl 

While Janhvi Kapoor has used a very light hue of pink, you can create this look with literally any colour. Just put it evenly on the eyelid and smudge some colour under the eye. Round off the look with oodles of kohl and mascara. 

Basic brown 

The brown-bronze palette goes with almost all outfits and creating this look is super simple too. Start with making the base crease with a deep brown shade. If you wish, you can give your eye makeup different layers by using variant hues of brown. Then take a shimmery bronze shadow and smudge it in the centre. Give it a smokey eye effect by applying black eyeliner and smudging it a bit with the rest of the colour. 

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